Promoting interest in Ovation guitars

Yup you got to start them young get them appreciating what a nice guitar feels like. She picked this of several of my Ovation guitars. The mid depth bowl helped her reach over, though I had to steady it for her.

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Ovation 1537-4 (1983)

Photo’s of my new (1983) Ovation 1537 Elite, one of the classic Ovation guitars

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A favoured son of Irvine, Ayrshire – John Galt

As a child I attended a primary (elementary) school that was just moments from my childhood home on Caldon Road, Irvine, North Ayrshire.  Although the flat (apartment) that I grew up in is long gone, the school continues its purpose, for the moment at least.  I really didn’t understand as a youngster the significance of […]

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Cambridge – Kings College Chapel; Eagle Pub; Jamie’s Italian

For this Easter weekend I thought I would share some thoughts with you about the beautiful and historic places of worship that exist in the United Kingdom.  Of course for any good Scot or those of Scottish heritage there are places of great significance, such as Sweetheart Abbey, Arbroath Abbey, St Giles Cathedral and even […]

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Battle of Culloden – April 16, 1746

Today is the 265th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden.  Not only was this the last pitched battle on the British mainland, it also represented the extinguishing of last glimmer for the second Jacobite rebellion, otherwise known as the ‘Forty-Five’ uprising.  It was not a long battle lasting just an hour and the Duke of Cumberland’s […]

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Nashville Scottish Pride – ‘Coultar’s Candy’

We had a great day at Nashville Public Library today.  The Scottish Celebration was excellent and was extremelywell attended across all activities.  I had the distinct pleasure of performing some kids songs to an audience of kids, parents and friends and the video above of ‘Coultars Candy’ was one of a number of well received songs.  […]

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Tartan Daze

So, one of the options for the exiled Scot is to find solace in other ex-pat Scots and those who appreciate Scottish culture and heritage. There is a fine tradition in North America in supporting these types of organizations and you’ll find them dotted all over.  I am proud to serve as a Director of […]

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Marymas Folk Festival – Memories

One of the things I miss about Irvine  is every 3rd Saturday in August they celebrate Marymass.  A local fair come week long celebration, it consisted of events that the whole community could take part in.  The festivals roots go way back but include celebrating  back to a visit by Mary Queen of Scots in 1753 […]

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